About Us

Welcome! Jools is a contemporary jewellers with a shop in Bridgwater, Somerset, UK and online at www.joolsjewellery.co.uk.  We have previously had shops in Bristol and Street.

We are passionate about bringing our customers beautiful and luxurious jewellery which is of the best quality but is also affordable.  We love to give genuine advice and offer an honest service. Our aim, whether through our website, our blog or in our shops is to bring our customers the best products we can, at the price range and quality they desire and for our customers to feel great about their interaction with us. 

We can assure you that we appreciate and get a real kick out of our positive interactions with you. It makes our day if we've managed to help tick all the boxes in what you came in for and we know that you'll be just as delighted with your purchase months and years after you've purchased it as you were on the day you bought it. For us, that is getting it right.

We believe we are just like our customers, we value family and loved ones, we are willing to work hard but want to kick off our shoes and enjoy ourselves with the people we love. We get to know our customers as they come back to visit us again and again, we get to hear about your ups and downs (and sometimes you get to hear ours!) and we deeply value this relationship with our customers.  It is truly the best part of the job.

We work hard to find unique jewellery and gifts which are contemporary and hold real meaning for the recipient. To that end, we try to stock jewellery and watches that look beautiful, have great sentimental value, are well made and will last - affordable luxury. 

Jools was started by Denise after many years in retail - her parents opened their first shop when Denise was 5 years old. They eventually had 7 shops around Somerset. Denise was always in the shops as she grew up and was actively working in the shops from the age of 11.  Although she is more office-based now, she loves the connection with the customers when she's in the shop and her joy is sourcing the next big thing or the unique jewellery items Jools customers' love so much.  She continues to talk to her customers through the Jools Blog (if there is anything you'd like covered on the blog, please let her know).  

Jonathan Tait, her partner works part-time in the business and their son Ben, and daughter Maia also works in the shop from time to time. We chat around the dinner table every night, often about work, and there is input from all.  It is a real family affair. 

Elle, who joined us as an apprentice, now runs the shop floor with a high degree of efficiency and order - which can be scary for Denise or Jonathan when she's been on holiday and is about to return!  Denise's god-daughter Amy, who is studying fashion and is now blogging, works part-time.